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Nora is an old pig MILF. You can tell she pumped out a few units, because her tits are as floppy as day old pancake batter. What was great about her is that you could tell she hates herself. She knows she's a pig and that's why she let us fuck her up like a sub-human cumbag.

Nora dropped to her knees and open her mouth wide. Bootleg shoved his cock down her throat and he face fucked the guts out of her. We had her head off the end of the sofa and continued to penetrate her throat.

After the rough face fucking, we had out cocks stuffed inside her ass and pummeled until she couldn't take it anymore. Look at her face as the cock is penetrating her soul. It's a look of defeat. She sat there as her ass got fucked. She realized the less she bitched, the sooner it would be over. It's amazing she's someone's mom. Imagine having a mom like that? That would really suck.

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